Analytic Lab Services

Our range of analytical lab services provides you an extensive range of offerings for all your lab based requirements. This includes varied types of analysis ranging from Chemical, Microbiological, DNA, Shelf Life Studies, Water Analysis, physical, chemical on various types of food, animal feeds, nutraceutical and consumer products.

Only officially approved methodologies including AOAC, IUPAC, ISO Method and FDA methods are performed by our highly-skilled and experienced lab technicians.

Nutritional Labelling

In order to conform to food production compliances, nutritional labelling is required for all food products. For nutritional labelling our labs will be able to ascertain in exact detail the value of each type of nutrient within your product for all types of consumable products.

Glycemic Index Testing

In a world more concerned about health and vitality, it is important to be able to inform consumers on the health rating of the foods that they are consuming. The Glycemic Index provides that level of information. A lower glycemic index means slower digestion hence better for you. Lower GI foods include pasta, oatmeal, sweet potatoes and most fruits.

Glycemic Index is a system of ranking carbohydrates based on the rate it raises blood sugar levels. Low glycemic foods metabolise slowly and hence release glucose gradually into the blood stream. Knowing the GI of food and how to apply it in optimizing a healthy diet has many health benefits, especially for obese or overweight people, diabetics and athletes. Without this knowledge, consumers are unable to optimize their diets and lifestyles.

The food industry is starting to recognize the importance of developing products that will help manage disease conditions. The availability of the GI information on your product can trigger better market response due to its positive health benefits.

Procedure for Sample Analysis

  1. Fill in request form and submit completed form to :
    General email:
    Puan Noor Azinah Maamin
  2. UNIPEQ will issue quotation.
  3. All payment must be made payable to UNIPEQ SDN. BHD. at least 2 working days before analysis is done (via Cheque / PO / LO / Online Transfer).
    Account Name: UNIPEQ SDN. BHD.
    Account Number : 8002242299
  4. Client will receive booking date of the analysis. Please prepare and send sample(s) on the booking date.
  5. UNIPEQ Finance Department will issue receipt of client’s payment.
  6. Upon completion of the analysis, UNIPEQ will send survey form to client.
  7. Client will receive the analysis result after completing the survey form.

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